Plastic Part Engineering Support

When designing a plastic product, you are faced with many constraints: time-to-market pressure, budget limits, material selection, “moldability”, tooling expense, minimal engineering changes and tool qualification time. With all of this on your plate, we urge you to collaborate with a competent plastic injection molding supplier very early in the development cycle.

Part Design Process

When you submit your initial part concept to Proto Plastics, you will be working with very experienced part and tooling design engineers who know how to save time and money in the development process while delivering the quality results you demand from any supplier. With our advanced modeling and programming software, we can eliminate the guesswork and trial-and-error historically required to get the best part and mold designs.
Our engineering group provides design assistance and develops products using the latest solid modeling tools in the industry. We can view and work with your print or 3D CAD file in various formats.

Your file is carefully reviewed, considering factors such as proper draft, uniformity of wall thickness, shrinkage, cosmetic challenges, and dimensional stability to determine if the part can be economically molded in the material originally specified.

If not, our experts are skilled in suggesting changes in the design and/or the material that will improve the part’s manufacturability, cosmetic appearance and ultimate performance.

Collaborating with our customers is commonplace since the ultimate goal is to help them design a part or product that is to their specifications and also manufacturable.  Proto Plastic’s team provides this type of moldability or manufacturability (DFM) analysis so that our customers can confidently focus and move onto other critical phases of bringing their product to market.


Technology & Services

We are equipped with the newest editions of SolidWorks design software and Mastercam machine programming software, along with the latest CNC machining and EDM technology. The final result is the fast and accurate construction of the production quality steel or aluminum injection molding tool that will generate consistently acceptable parts, no matter how technically demanding the design.

Through our network of specialized partners, we can also provide related services such as finite element analysis, rapid prototyping stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), urethane casting, and custom machining.

So whether you are introducing a new product, modifying an existing part, or need to reverse engineer a metal part to plastic, allow us to share our expertise in tooling, design engineering, and custom injection molding with you throughout your product development process.