Custom Plastic Injection Molding

We have the experience, capabilities and expertise to successfully run medium- to high-volume plastic injection molding programs of all kinds.

What We Do

Our Manufacturing by Design process starts with customer collaboration to identify the appropriate materials, then moves into plastic part design for injection molding, process optimization, proper tooling solutions, and then the injection molding itself. We finish the process with any requested secondary operations and/or assembly.

How it Works

As one of the most common and most versatile methods of manufacturing plastic parts, injection molding uses 3D CAD models to create molds (tooling), which will be fitted into an injection molding machine to make the parts.

Raw resin material in pellet form is gravity-fed through a hopper into a barrel → The resin is heated into a molten state → The material is forced out of the barrel under very high pressure through a hole in the mold, down a channel, through the gate, and injected into the cavity → The part cools and hardens to the shape of the mold cavity → The mold opens and the part is ejected.

Our Injection Molding Capabilities

At PPI, we provide custom plastic injection molding services using the proven techniques necessary to achieve optimal results. These may include:

  • Insert Molding/Overmolding: The process of adding an additional layer of plastic over an existing part. This is ideal for texture, color and/or incorporating necessary functionality.
  • Assembly: Simplify and streamline your sourcing operations by reducing the number of procured items.
  • Agility and Game Speed: We have the ability to quickly react to dynamic market conditions to continue delivering customized, varied solutions for a wide range of customer needs.
Plastic Part Design