Precision Plastic Parts for the Outdoor and Sporting Goods Industries

We love to play outdoors.

And everyone loves adding that extra layer of competition to our recreational activities.  Consumers demand high-performance gear that they can throw, stomp, get dirty and flat out abuse.

They require manufacturers of adventure and outdoor equipment to quickly and efficiently produce high volumes of quality parts. While you may be able to get away with seeking out the manufacture of cheap plastic parts in China, when it comes to items like scopes, rebreathers, protective gear, and equipment housings many times choosing cheap means product failure.

That’s where we come in. Proto Plastics can serve the needs of the outdoors/adventure and sporting goods industries by supplying high-quality plastic injection molded production parts that meet your stringent requirements. When it has to be right the first time, most manufacturers do choose Proto Plastics.

But it’s not just high quality is it?

Battle-tested hardware for humans has to meet stringent physical controls, but then also have a great appearance and perfect fit. When climbing a ledge, walking in the woods or through a stream, or diving deeper than ever before, consumers trust your brand to keep them safe. Proto Plastics engineers can work with you to ensure that your crucial parts are not over or under engineered for their use, keeping your manufacturing budget in check, and production schedules in line. Hiring Proto not only means getting the right part but then also making sure it’s there for you when you need it.


Our engineers will aid you in your efforts of selecting just the right polymers for your project that will meet your appearance, strength and cost requirements. Our 48 years of experience in design, tooling, molding, & assembly will help you hit the mark in critical areas such as fit/form/function, aesthetics, and comfort. Our goal is to supply the needed expertise, that you expect in an outsourced manufacturing partnership, so your firearm or accessory product is produced & delivered on-time and within budget.

Your consumer will appreciate the unique looks, colors, textures and handling dynamics of your product and Proto Plastics aims to make your requirements a reality for them.

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