Score Big with Proto Plastics


In 2015, choose to SCORE BIG with a manufacturing partner who is looking out for your business.

On Monday morning after the big Super Bowl parties are over and the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks have returned home, you could be left wondering how your business could operate as competitively as these two teams did on the field.


1. Quoting  – Your purchasing agent(s) recognize the value of competitive bids just as much as anyone, however factor in percentage of waste, missed schedules, machine downtime, product cavitation, and unreliable shipping and logistics often make or break your manufacturing schedule. Smart business owners understand the word Value as much as they do Price.


2. Engineering – Surrounding yourself with smart people has the added effect of making your entire operation run more smoothly. Proto Plastics’ engineers not only work with your design team from concept to mold but they help to influence your build tolerances always ensuring a superior molding dynamic.


3. Trust and Reliability – Proto Plastics has so many amazing “single source” clients for a reason. They trust in our abilities and we have demonstrated a continued reliability year in and year out. At Proto Plastics, we seek out manufacturing relationships vs. being simply a manufacturing supplier.

Interested in finding that competitive edge for your business and developing end-zone manufacturing strategies for your products? Call us today to find out how to score big.

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