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News, Trends, and Injection Molding Problems and Solutions at Your Fingertips

At PPI, we’re all about sharing the knowledge, because the more you know, the more informed your decision-making process can be and the more confident you are in the process. Get the information you need about plastic injection molding problems and solutions, best practices and the latest industry trends and news through the PPI blog.

wood grain with texture; surface finish options, assembly methods

Surface Finish Options and Assembly Choices

Injection molding is one of the most effective ways to produce identical plastic parts and products. Plastic injection molding towers over other plastic molding methods because it’s simpler, highly reliable, and highly efficient. One of the key selling points of injection molding is the ability to create custom products that don’t requi ... More
white plastic spur gears connected in complex mechanism, metal-plastic conversion benefits

Here’s Why You Should Consider Metal-Plastic Conversion

Metal-plastic conversion is exactly what it sounds like; a process of replacing machinery parts that were initially fashioned out of metal with parts that have been reproduced or re-engineered using plastic. Despite the connotation sounding like a drop in quality, plastics, especially high-grade injection-molded resins, do have exceptional advantag ... More
Operating Room with a lot of Medical Devices, Equipment

What Plastic Materials Are Used in Medicine?

Close your eyes and picture a hospital room. You likely imagined hard, glossy white plastics everywhere; in the medical devices, the equipment used by doctors and nurses, and even the furniture. Plastic resins are ideal for medical applications because of their low cost, toughness, and easily sanitized nonporous surfaces. They’re lighter, che ... More
Engineering grade plastics. Plastic material used in manufacturing industry. Global engineering plastic market concept. Polyurethane and abs plastic parts materials. Plastic injection machine products.

How Engineering Grade Plastics Are Changing Various Industries

The invention of plastics has been a world changer, both literally and figuratively. From the start with Parkesine and Bakelite to the engineering-grade plastics available today, each type of plastic has found a use in every era of economic development since it was discovered. The recent developments in the synthesis and molding of plastics have [& ... More
frustrated businessman next to business chart displaying a declining line graph; get things right

Here is the High Cost of Not Getting it Right

To properly succeed, you’ve got to get things right first and foremost You probably deal with lots of variables running your manufacturing business, and most of these variables change all the time. These variables include the cost of raw materials, labor, parts, shipping, and packaging, among many others. But you need to keep an eye [… ... More