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White plastic soap bottles in rows at assembly line; kitting services

To Kit or Not to Kit and How: Pros and Cons

A look at various types of kitting services, and the pros and cons of each Your company has shepherded your product through the inevitable changes introduced through the serial prototypes. You’ve satisfied yourself that the product works, that it’s viable in the marketplace; now you’re ready to move forward into the next phases. O ... More
color samples with corresponding polymer resins in red, green, and blue colors; color strength

14 Most Vibrant Colors for Injection Molded Products

We examine colors best used in plastic injection molding for vibrant, attractive products with high color strength The plastic color used in plastic injection molded products starts as whitish or clear.  But if the custom products produced by the injection-molded plastic process requires color, whether it be for safety, color coding, or just cosme ... More
businessman using smartphone to virtually compare supplier credibility

How to Ensure an Efficient Supplier Viability Assessment

When it comes to those you deal with in your business, credit assessment is essential towards growth and development. Especially in securing trustworthy suppliers, it is vital to assess the credibility of other parties crucial to your business’s success. Having connections to a credible supplier plays a considerable role in the success of you ... More