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News, Trends, and Injection Molding Problems and Solutions at Your Fingertips

At PPI, we’re all about sharing the knowledge, because the more you know, the more informed your decision-making process can be and the more confident you are in the process. Get the information you need about plastic injection molding problems and solutions, best practices and the latest industry trends and news through the PPI blog.

Large warehouse with steel shelves, Empty warehouse racks, Empty metal shelf in storage room, empty shelves in the warehouse due to supply crisis

Supply Crisis: Improving The Plastic Industry Supply Chain

The global pandemic disrupted the supply chain. The risk is mostly seen in industries that rely on manufacturing and suppliers from Asia, such as plastic components, pharmaceutical supplies, electronics and semiconductor packaging. Industries in many countries were forced to look for alternative sources of supply to prevent interfering with operati ... More
designing plastic parts; Background made from a macro photo of a plastic conveyor belt combined into sections, selective focus in the center.

Guide to Designing Plastic Parts

When designing plastic parts that will be injection molded, you might have questions about design criteria. For example, what draft angle ensures the part’s easy ejection from the mold. Below is a guide to the most common criteria for designing plastic parts. Wall Thickness The wall thickness of a thermoplastic part depends on several factors ... More
Concept of Lean Six Sigma management

A Working Understanding of Lean Six Sigma Quality Controls

Lean Six Sigma has improved manufacturing processes and quality controls at hundreds of companies, but what exactly is it? Productivity at the workplace is especially essential to the lifeline of any company. Achieving peak productivity and efficiency certainly isn’t always easy to achieve. As the person in charge, it is your job to find ways ... More