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Swimming Pool With Blue Water And Transparent Plastic Tent. An example of modern plastic outdoor structures

Top 3 Weatherproof Plastics for Outdoor Structures

Historically, materials such as wood and metal have dominated the construction of outdoor structures like playgrounds, greenhouses, and outdoor furniture. However, these materials have numerous weaknesses making them unideal for outdoor use. Wood, for example, is susceptible to rotting, warping, and splintering. Glass, on the other hand, even thoug ... More
Supply Chain Services

3 Ways Proto Plastics Improves Your Supply Chain

Your supply chain has a significant impact on your business’s success and survival. As a Deloitte research revealed, 79% of businesses with superior supply chain capabilities report above average revenue growth. In comparison, only 8% of companies with underachieving supply chains have above average revenue growth. Conversely, supply chain af ... More