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Polypropylene Resins

10 Tips for Injection Molding Polypropylene Resins

Polypropylene continues to gain popularity in the injection molding industry. With its low-density consistency and chemical resistant design, it is often used to produce items such as medical devices and automotive parts. While polypropylene resins offer a host of benefits, it is important to monitor temperature thresholds during the melting and mo ... More
Proto Plastics | Metal to Plastic Conversion

Metal To Plastic Conversion: What You Need To Know

Many companies and manufacturers use a metal because they assume it is the only solution. However, businesses around the globe are converting. Metal to plastic conversion is becoming considerably more popular because of being able to reduce the weight as well as the cost. It’s important to understand the various benefits as well as the [&hell ... More
plastic conversions

8 Advantages in Metal to Plastic Conversions

As plastic parts and their manufacturing capabilities have increased, the industry has been moving to replace metal components with this alternative. But many potential plastic conversions still exist, often because they have always been made of metal. When the clear advantages that plastic parts offer over metal are explored, many companies discov ... More
The high cost of getting quality right

The High Cost Of Not Getting It Right

When you’re creating quality products for your customers, you have to look at the integrity of the parts, the labor that goes into it, and everything else. If you don’t get something right, it comes at a high cost. Your customers have high expectations, which means you can’t risk putting anything to chance. If you’re [&helli ... More