Worker operates industrial plastic injection molding press machine for manufacturing custom plastic injection molding parts

Custom Plastic Injection Molded Parts: Benefits For Professionals In Plastics

The design and manufacturing of injected plastic model products has been the game changer in the plastic industry because of their major benefits. The custom plastic injection model is more versatile than any other method. It has helped many manufacturers to reduce the general cost of manufacturing products and produce larger and more detailed plastic products. Here are the top benefits of the method.


The accuracy that custom plastic injection molded parts produces is +/- .001 inches. This method indeed beats the challenge of extremely complex designs. It maintains high precision even after multiple productions to create a replication of the plastic components.


A team of moldersĀ  runs and supervises the process to ensure fast production. There are minimal manufacturing problems that are reduced because of the initial focus on the design. The high production rate makes the entire process efficient compared to other methods. The level of speed depends on the complexity and size of the design, but on average, the cycle time is usually 15-20 seconds.


The custom plastic injection process focuses on strength and stability. There is a need to find proper balance in the plastic material, which includes paying attention to the thickness and ribs. Thicker walls also tend to have longer cycles, which are more expensive.


Plastic injection molding creates a wide variety of sizes, colors, designs, and sizes of plastic products. The process enhances optimization to produce detailed designs in large numbers. The effectiveness of high-volume products also increases the precision and quality of the designs.

The basic design elements that the molding process is especially good for include rib design, wall thickness, gate placements, weld lines, boss design, and corner transitions.


Plastic injection molding minimizes the cost of labor more than other methods. There is minimal supervision in running the entire process, the equipment has an automatic tool to keep production going and a self-gating tool.

The model equipment can produce products on a large scale without the risk of additional costs and tampering with the quality of the designs.


During the production of large volumes, it’s almost impossible to have little plastic waste. Plastic injection molding can use other machinery to help minimize waste by melting excess plastic and reusing it to make other products. The sprues and runners can be reground and reused in other production processes. Plastic injection molding is an eco-friendly affair.


Custom plastic injection molding is certainly very versatile and flexible. It allows plastics to be colored using many color systems. The process can achieve endless outcomes depending on the given characteristics and material of the plastic. To meet the requirements of the application, it is important to have a molder with expertise in a variety of resins.


With plastic injection molding, it is possible to reduce the weight of certain parts of the components without affecting their strength, flexibility, and stability. The process can use materials such as resins to still achieve the preferred characteristics with less weight.

In modern production, lightweight thermoplastics have been used to replace metal components of the same strength and stability.


Plastic injection molding allows the use of a wide variety of available materials. Some common materials used are thermoplastic rubber, antistatic plastic, infrared, bio compostable, and chemical resistant plastics. You also have plenty of colors to choose from with color compounding.

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