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Developing Plastic Parts Tooling

In order to create well-shaped, durable plastic parts that fall within design specifications, it is vital to have high quality plastic parts tooling. A mold used in the injection molding process should be long-lasting, minimize waste and consistently produce a part that meets design specifications.

There are many factors to take into consideration when developing a mold to be used in plastic parts production. Will the part be used in delicate medical applications, or is it intended to withstand the rugged environment of a pickup truck’s engine compartment? Will the plastic part be made from an amorphous material like PVC or a semi-crystalline plastic like polyethylene? Is this mold intended for a prototype build of a few hundred units or for a mass production build? These features and many more are used to determine the best way to design the plastic parts tooling.

At Proto Plastics we take the time to understand the plastic part and our customer’s requirements in order to create a reliable mold that is suitable for the application. Our extensive experience with a variety of plastic parts means we know exactly how to mold different types of parts, so we can supply the plastic parts tooling fast and accurately. Moreover, we’re so confident in the durability of our molds that we guarantee them for the life of your program.

In a business that produces plastic parts, the importance of plastic parts tooling cannot be overlooked. To learn more about Proto Plastics’ plastic parts tooling capabilities, please contact us.

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