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How to Ensure an Efficient Supplier Viability Assessment

When it comes to those you deal with in your business, credit assessment is essential towards growth and development. Especially in securing trustworthy suppliers, it is vital to assess the credibility of other parties crucial to your business’s success. Having connections to a credible supplier plays a considerable role in the success of your business. By coming up with a successful assessment, planning helps your organization:

  • Establish a cost-effective plan; hence your business is guaranteed to save money in avoidable situations.
  • It helps your organization make plans for future purchases among other deals.
  • Also helps replace under-performing suppliers with better and effective options.

One could argue that suppliers’ evaluation is critical because it plays a huge role in cost reduction. It certainly helps avoid post-payment defects and makes the supply chain effective. When designing a checklist for supplier viability assessment, there are several factors you should consider, such as setting up indicators that rate supplier performance. When coming up with a list that sets the parameters of assessment, you should focus on the following:


Check on how a specific supplier maintains a regular estimate. If you get a supplier who’s willing to lower the prices, that is a right candidate for recurring transactions.


A right supplier will subsidize the extra costs that accompany your purchases. These may include delivery costs, movement costs, packaging costs and disposal costs.


Always compare the number of ordered products against received products, which helps identify anomalies in the supply chain.


Credibility from established organization and firms in the same field creates trust with the supplier.

Financial Wealth

A financially stable supplier can guarantee better service, adopt innovative methods and become flexible in prolonged payment options.

All the above factors play a significant role in supplier viability assessment, enabling you to narrow down your options to just a few who you can get in the selection process. Once you eliminate unwanted suppliers, it is important to:

  1. Classify them into various categories like their geographical location and product variety.
  2. Regardless of how many suppliers you have, it is essential to unite them under one centralized portal for more straightforward and efficient assessment.
  3. Coming up with a bullet-proof evaluation plan should start by identifying a period to begin as you commence evaluation.
  4. Build a good rapport with suppliers to get the correct feedback.

All these elements play a critical role in determining the future of your business and success. After identifying the best supplier for your business, you should carry out a risk assessment and management exercise. This process involves;

  • Looking back at the supplier’s service track record.
  • Ascertain whether they have an excellent sustainability credential.
  • Assess the supplier’s credit and financial history.
  • Ensure that they abide to set compliance regulations and governance.
  • Finalize by making them sign an ethical code of conduct.


If not adequately handled, sourcing a supplier could prove to be one of the hardest things when sourcing a product or service. Therefore, finding the best supplier requires identifying one with attributes that portray a trustworthy and reliable supplier. These traits include; communication, price, quality and profile statistics. Ensuring the supplier can maintain a steady supply of high-quality products when required is determined by the attributes they bring to the business.

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