Finishing and Assembly: An Important Aspect of Any Plastic Part Component

Finishing and assembly is as important to any product as any other aspect. The fact that one manufacturer can design, mold, and then finish and assemble in one location, makes products more affordable and increases efficiency. It also saves time.

Some time and money-saving tips include:

  • Efficient design can reduce the number of parts for assembly. One molded part may combine the functionality of two or more parts.
  • Design that may reduce or eliminate the need for hardware fasteners. Mold-in hinges and guides reduce the need for add-ons later.
  • Consider mold-in color when possible, rather than parts needing painting after molding.

Reducing hardware and paint lessens material and assembly costs, and reduces finishing time. At Proto Plastics, our engineers will take the time to help your company design the most efficient and cost-productive parts.

Our skilled and experienced staff can perform ultrasonic welding which includes hermetic plastic-to-plastic joints, installation of windows and lenses into housings, and insertion of mechanical fasteners, studs, and threaded inserts into plastic injection molded parts.

Secondary machining includes CNC machining, milling, turning, grinding, drilling and tapping.

Through pad printing we can create dozens of color graphic applications in one, two or three colors.

Plastic parts finishing completes mechanical assemblies and can add custom kitting, packaging and labeling, as well as part decoration.

Proto Plastics can finish touch panels, wire harnesses, battery packs, mechanical clamp assemblies and encapsulated filters. We have a trained secondary operations teams that can solder, bond, leak test, clean, label, bar code and package. Parts will be shipped, ready for use. Our customers have come to rely upon and you can too.

With so much attention on Made-in-America products, we are proud to offer just that. All Proto Plastic parts are made in America and developed for a wide array of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics and construction.

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