The Growth of Dayton, OH, Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a vital industry to the overall economy. The number of jobs in the industry declined for many years. This is especially true in cities like Detroit, Michigan. There are some cities around the country that are starting to see a rebound in manufacturing jobs. This is good news for people in the area who now have access to higher paying jobs. Dayton is in the middle of the manufacturing bubble in Ohio. This is a city that went through a lot of difficult times, but jobs are returning in droves.


Some cities across the country just look like manufacturing towns. This is true in Dayton, Ohio. Many people who live in the city love working in the industry. When the layoffs started many years ago, the city went through difficult times. A lot of the cities in Ohio rely on manufacturing jobs to keep people employed. When those jobs go away, the population decreases as people move away. With companies moving into the area, tax revenues increase every year.

The Importance of Manufacturing

In the coming years, manufacturing is taking on a more prominent role in the economy. For years, jobs left for people who work overseas. This is a trend that is reversing, especially with investments in better technology in the United States. The people who work in manufacturing in Dayton have to adjust to a new way to work in the industry. Gone are the days where thousands of people worked on an assembly line together for hours. However, this is a city that is starting to boom again because of the return of manufacturing. Our company is just one example of that growth.

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