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The Importance of Reliable Supply Chain Services

When the supply chain works well, good quality parts arrive on time so that the final product can be produced and delivered to the customer on time. When it doesn’t work well, parts can arrive late, sometimes measuring outside of customer specified parameters, and slow down manufacturing and delivery of the final product. This is why it is vital for a company to work with suppliers with reliable supply chain services.

At Proto Plastics we understand the importance of being the type of company that our customers can count on. We strive to deliver good quality components on time, every time, so that we’re not the weak link in the supply chain.


On-time delivery of products is pointless if the parts are out of spec. To help ensure top-notch quality, we have developed an ISO-9001:2015 certified quality management system. Our system features defined quality management procedures for our employees to follow, requiring product inspection and testing and documentation of the results. Each Proto Plastics employee understands that quality is everyone’s responsibility.


In today’s fast-paced business environment, customer needs can change quickly. Companies grow, change hands and acquire new customers and rush orders and the supply chain must be able to quickly respond to those changing needs in order to avoid bottlenecks and other issues.

At Proto Plastics, we pride ourselves on being prepared for those changes. We can work with companies that employ a variety of manufacturing systems, such as Just-In-Time or KANBAN. Our production system is flexible and can accommodate unexpected orders, but we also have the warehouse space to keep safety stock of many of our customers’ parts, ready to be shipped.

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