How Insert Molding Can Save You Money

Designing prototypes that combine plastic with other materials can be frustrating to take from design to production. The more complicated a piece gets, the more likely errors are, and the more expensive it becomes to make. If a designer is not familiar with combining materials, the task can seem insurmountable. What is the best way to make consistent, reliable parts while keeping costs low?

One of the many services offered by Proto Plastics is called insert molding. This is a process by which plastic is formed around an insert during the injection molding process. This can be extremely helpful from a manufacturing standpoint, for example, when there are metal pieces (e.g. screws, shafts) which need to be attached to or encased in plastic. This process can be used for simple inserts, but is also used for more complex items which may have moving parts.

How else is this good for business? Insert molding¬†cuts down on labor costs, as instead of using workers to combine the pieces at the end of a line, the mold will do that work. It’s also efficient: the mold is faster than assembly by hand.

Insert molding produces pieces which are reliable from the first batch. Whether it’s a small volume or a large one, the process can be just what the prototype needs. Any industry can benefit from insert molding, from medical to aerospace to automobile.


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