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How Kitting at the Point of Manufacture Can Save You Time and Money

Kitting right after production is efficient

Kitting is a secondary operation offered by certain plastic injection molding manufacturers. Kitting, or putting a set of parts together, saves you time and money. Because when kitting is done at the point of manufacture, your own facility operates more efficiently.

Here are just a few benefits of kitting at the point of manufacture:

Kitting reduces your materials handling time

You won’t have to search through inventory, select parts, or log multiple steps when you’ve already got kits on the shelf. Just grab and go! And the kit has only one bar code, too. Having the prep work for you done saves time, energy, and money.

Bulk kitting is streamlined

The manufacturer can assemble kits quickly because they’re assembling a lot of them at once. Compare that to assembling kits one by one, as they’re ordered. Plus, kitting at the point of manufacture occupies their work space, not yours.

You can customize a large run of kits

Instead of putting kit parts into standard boxes, it’s worth it to use custom boxes for a large run of kits. Custom packaging will minimize the size and weight of your kits, and that saves shipping costs.

Do you have seasonal items sold in kits? A special promo coming up? Why not prepare by talking with your plastic injection part manufacturer about secondary services like kitting? And if they don’t offer one-stop services, maybe it’s time to look for someone who does.

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