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Manufacturing Job Opportunities – An Industry That is Always Hiring

On any given day there are some 250,000 U.S. manufacturing jobs listed on Indeed, Monster and other job search websites. Approximately 6,500-7,000 of those positions are currently listed under plastic manufacturing jobs.

Manufacturing positions remain an important and continual opportunity, and good workers are always hired. Plus, there is always room for advancement.

Schools do not teach manufacturing – although you can learn a lot about machinery in machine shop classes. Most plastic manufacturing positions are learn-as-you-go with on-the-job training offered. But, in the interest of quick learning and moving up the ladder, you may want to complement your job with at-home book learning as well.

It helps to attend seminars, read books or view DVDs on the subject matter. Individuals can get a feel whether this is an industry in which they might like to work. But, it is hard to determine whether this is your career path, until you try it out.

Manufacturing. Is that still a thing in the US?

Manufacturing is on the rise and modernizing just like the rest of the world. A lack of confident, dependable employees can stifle a company’s growth. That is why they are always looking for good employees, even if they may not have a position available at the moment.

Proto Plastics in Tipp City, just outside of Dayton, is no different. Our plastic part design and injection mold facility is always looking for quality individuals. From line workers to engineers and designers, and quality control managers, every employee is vital to the business and valued.

Manufacturing positions offer steady hours, good pay and good benefits. At Proto Plastics we manufacture plastic parts for clients in aerospace, medical, government and defense, and automotive fields, just to name a few. We literally have developed thousands of unique parts and continue to build on that.

If you are looking to join the manufacturing workforce, whether fresh into the business world or looking for a new career, we just may have the right opportunity for you and you may fill a much-needed niche in our workforce.

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