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The Process of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process where plastic polymers are heated and injected into a metal mold. The plastic injection process ensures that the plastic is completely filling the cast creating the desired item. This particular technique has a multitude of utilities throughout the industrial community.

The molds are custom-made and therefore can be designed to fit any need from complex to simple. The use of this process extends far beyond that of just general industrial applications and has far-reaching uses in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and biotechnology fields.

The two molds are mirror images of what is being produced. Once the casts are completed this process allows for unlimited numbers of the item to fabricated. They are clamped together and then the heated plastic is injected into the mold and let to cool down. Once the plastic has cooled the mold can be unlocked and the item that was cast is removed. Afterward tooling and machining take place in order to provide a finished high quality product.

Plastic injection molding is not without its flaws, as with any manufacturing processes, but plastic injection molding is a very cost-effective method to produce precision custom products and parts at an infinite capacity.

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