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Quality Management Means Monitoring the Product and the System That Manufactures It

Quality management is an important factor in the success of any type of manufacturing. When you are delivering parts within a 0.0001″ tolerance, quality control is obviously a necessary part of your business.

Quality isn’t just about the tolerance or the fact that you get a well-made product at a reasonable price, though. It’s also about the systems that get you there. How can you truly maintain the quality and integrity of your product if you aren’t monitoring the systems you use to create the parts? And how can you really convince customers of the rigor of your monitoring if you don’t have it verified by third-party audits?

The short answer is you can’t. That’s where ISO-9001:2015 certification comes in. The requirements for this certification are two-fold:

  • The organization needs to manufacture products that meet customer needs as well as any applicable regulatory requirements
  • The organization must constantly enhance and improve upon its manufacturing system and monitor that system for continual improvement.

Quality certification means that not only do we monitor the result of our manufacturing process, we monitor and work to improve the process itself. We allow third-party audits of our processes and our improvements. In addition, the work of constant quality control and improvement motivates and engages our workforce, from the representatives who discuss your project and its possibilities with you to the managers and machine operators whose experience actually creates the parts that end up in your finished product.

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