Sourcing Small Plastic Molded Parts

Plastic Parts With Resin

The complexity of modern manufacturing means that for almost every single product on the market, from #2 pencils to the cars we drive each day, more than one company has been involved in its creation.

Injection molded plastics are a component in millions of products that consumers use every single day of their lives.  With that kind of saturation, it is pretty easy to become involved with an injection molding company that is looking for a quick sale; so it is very important to be involved with a company that is customer oriented, as opposed to sales driven.  With sales driven companies, the sale ends when they get their money; if there is a shipping or stocking emergency, they won’t necessarily have the parts in stock to replace the ones needed.  Supply chain services aren’t their biggest priority; neither are design or engineering services very high on their lists.  Think of them like fast food restaurants, it’s a one size fits all model.

That’s where a company like Proto Plastics comes into play.  As a company, they make it their business to stay with a project from the development and engineering stages, all the way through the finishing and assembly stages.  With injection molding, PAD printing, and plastic tooling capabilities, they have the ability to keep the entire project in-house so there is no need to deal with third parties.  Supply chain services can mean the difference between the success and failure of a company, so it’s crucial to not only be on time with orders and production of injected molded plastics, but also to have the ability to adapt to the every shifting need of the customer’s.  Their production scheduling system has evolved over the 46 years that they have been in business, and it is the flexibility of that system that allows them to consistently deliver the goods that the customer needs.  Getting the right product the first time, and every time, is paramount to success; and with testing and inspection for quality control being a never ending process, every employee at every level of Proto Plastics is committed to making the job perfect for the customer.

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