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The Top 10 Ways Proto Plastics Can Improve Your Product’s Quality


As the owner or operator of a business that requires a steady influx of plastic parts, your livelihood hinges on the quality of the product you provide. Failure to deliver a high-quality product will certainly stifle your sales and tarnish your industry reputation. Proto Plastics commits to helping you avoid this pitfall by supplying high caliber plastics that will consequently boost your product’s utility and durability. Below are the top ten ways Proto Plastics can improve your product’s quality.

1) A detailed inspection of all incoming materials

Firstly, our path to stellar product quality begins with our careful inspection of all incoming materials. We therefore train our receiving staff to conduct a detailed analysis of all materials that enter our facilities. This ensures we don’t use non-conforming materials in the manufacturing process.

2) Strong working knowledge of ANSI standard Y14.5 (GD&T)

Our commitment to providing you with uniform components is second to none. All of the technicians at Proto Plastics possess a strong working knowledge of ANSI standard Y14.5 (GD&T), illustrating our dedication to product conformity.

3) Monitoring throughout the production cycle

At Proto Plastics, we recognize that production monitoring does not occur in a vacuum. We have multiple checkpoints during which we inspect components and assemblies to make sure that they comply with required specifications.

4) Adherence to industry documentation requirements

As an ISO-certified organization, we continually meet or exceed the documentation requirements outlined by ISO-9001:2015. In other words, this means superb record-keeping throughout the supply chain.

5) Regular internal audits

You deserve to work with an organization that has a proactive approach to industry compliance. One of the key ways Proto Plastics keeps a pulse on compliance is because we conduct internal audits. In addition to facilitating compliance, internal audits help employees remain focused on quality standards.

6) Customer satisfaction surveys

Maximizing your satisfaction with our plastic parts is a top priority for our team above all. Therefore, we periodically administer customer satisfaction surveys. This ensures we make you and our other clients highly satisfied with your purchase.

7) Analysis of product conformity

Proto Plastics works with a host of clients who have a zero-tolerance policy regarding non-conformity among plastic parts. Accordingly, we will carefully analyze your parts throughout the production cycle to ensure that they fully conform to required specifications.

8) Rigorous measurement and testing

Thorough measurement and testing procedures are the cornerstones of Proto Plastics’ track record of success. Every part you receive will be tested with devices such as micrometers or calipers within a certified inspection lab.

9) State of the art equipment

When you work with us, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your parts were manufactured using the latest cutting-edge equipment. For instance, we help ensure product conformity with our Brown & Sharp Microval Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with Quadra-Check 5000 3D software. Our facilities also include an OGP Optical Comparator with Smart Edge Detection, which offers the utmost industry precision.

10) Final quality control

Your plastic parts are monitored from the moment materials enter our receiving area until the moment they are packaged for shipment. In fact, the goal of our final quality control procedures is to make sure that the plastic parts we supply meet or exceed your expectations.

The Bottom Line

At Proto Plastics, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that you are delighted with your plastic parts. For 50 years, we have helped clients across the globe enjoy the highest quality of product and service. We invite you to contact us to discover why we are the nation’s most trusted source for plastic injection molded parts. We look forward to helping you improve your product’s quality!

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