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What Are the Top 7 Benefits of Sourcing American Made Plastic Parts?

Whether your business is located in Frankfort, Kentucky or Frankfurt, Germany, you deserve to work with a manufacturer that delivers the highest quality plastic parts swiftly, accurately, and affordably. On the whole, manufacturers in Asia are increasingly known for their attractive unit pricing; however, the plastic components they produce are often not on a par with similar parts made in America. Below are the top seven benefits of sourcing American-made plastic parts.

1) A commitment to superb quality

American-based plastics manufacturers are known for their commitment to processing accuracy and high-quality materials. Manufacturers in the USA are more likely to be ISO certified and registered with the FDA. Adherence to these standards further illustrates the manufacturer’s commitment to product testing and continuous quality improvement.

2) Fast delivery

No matter how fast an offshore provider can prepare your order, there is no such thing as same-day delivery. Even an overnight delivery to an American business is impossible. Even if the parts are in stock, they must be packaged and prepared for delivery first of all. Then, even a modest-sized order that can be shipped by UPS or FedEx International Priority will often take at least 3 to 5 days to arrive, creating challenges for US-based customers in need of immediate delivery.

3) Reduced shipping costs

Faster delivery times are not the only shipping-related benefit of sourcing American-made parts. Many American companies offer free or reduced shipping costs to customers in the United States and the Americas. Depending on the location of your business and your supplier, you may even be able to receive same-day service.

4) Onsite visits are easier

Selecting a manufacturer of plastic parts is a process that should be approached with time and care. One of the best ways to ensure that you are choosing the perfect manufacturer for your needs is to schedule a visit to the manufacturer’s plant. If your business is located in the Americas, it is significantly easier to arrange a visit quickly. An onsite visit allows you to assess the following:

  • Attention to your specific production needs
  • Adherence to safety and quality standards
  • Facility appearance and cleanliness

5) Customizability according to American standards

Tailored orders, expert design recommendations, and precision-made customized parts are specialties for many American-based manufacturers. Most importantly, orders are prepared according to the most rigorous processing standards and quality control procedures. While offshore manufacturers may offer these services, there is no guarantee that your order will feature high-quality materials or American-grade processing standards.

6) No tariffs or importation fees

Sourcing American-made plastic parts enables USA-based businesses to avoid heavy tariffs and importation fees that can accompany overseas purchasing. For example, plastic parts purchased from China were subject to a 10 to 25 percent tariff imposed in July of 2018. While these tariffs were temporarily lifted in January of 2019, there is in fact no way for companies to avoid importation costs, customs clearance fees, and other expenses associated with shipping plastic parts to the United States.

7) No paperwork challenges

If you are located in the United States and order plastic parts from a local supplier, you do not have to worry about delays due to errors on commercial invoices or shipper export declaration (SED). This especially can help you receive your order more swiftly.

The Bottom Line with American Made Plastic Parts

As outlined above, there are indeed many benefits of sourcing American-made plastic parts. We invite you to contact us at Proto Plastics to discover why we are a global leader in American-Made plastic parts. For more than five decades, we have delivered five-star products and service to businesses across the globe. We look forward to serving as your trusted resource for plastic parts!

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