5 Steps to Sourcing Quality Plastic Parts for Medical Equipment

Design accuracy is the single greatest requirement for medical equipment manufacturers. With medical equipment being used to treat patients across the world, device manufacturers cannot afford to invest in imprecise plastic device components. Below are five steps to sourcing quality plastic parts for medical equipment.

1) Seek a provider with many years of plastics injection molding experience. Ideally, your plastic parts manufacturer should have at least ten years of experience in the plastics injection molding industry. Companies with two or more decades of success in manufacturing parts for medical equipment companies are preferable, as they typically have the expertise required to handle the most complex component design requests.

2) Choose a plastic parts provider that is ISO-certified. ISO-9001:2015 certification is proof of a company’s dedication to ongoing quality control. Companies that are ISO-certified have rigorous testing and inspection procedures that help ensure that plastic equipment parts will be designed in the pursuit of perfection.

3) Select a company that can handle your projected growth and needs. Scalability is important for medical device manufacturers that are experiencing steady or explosive growth. A plastic parts manufacturer should have the production staff, space, and equipment required to handle large order requests within your required timeframe.

4) Request at least three references before buying parts from a provider. References are critical when comparing the quality of plastic parts manufacturers. As you evaluate each provider, ask for references of clients who have purchased parts for medical equipment in the past. Make sure you contact each reference provided to ensure satisfaction with product quality.

5) If possible, pay a personal visit to the companies you are considering. Meeting face to face with potential plastic parts providers will allow you to see their operations in action. You will gain valuable insight into the company’s commitment to quality and assess the company’s scalability. Most important, you will have an opportunity to determine once and for all whether the manufacturer is a good fit with your plastic parts needs.

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