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5 Strategies to Improve Your Approach to Quality Management

Superb quality management is the cornerstone of accurate component manufacturing in the plastic injection molding industry. By focusing on enhancing your training initiatives, maintaining your manufacturing equipment, and refining your quality inspection process, you will improve your company’s overall approach to quality control. Below are five strategies to enhance your facility’s approach to quality management.

1) Build a company culture that emphasizes quality improvement. Establishing a workplace culture that stresses quality improvement is a great way to keep quality management at the forefront of employees’ minds. One specific strategy to reinforce this culture is to reward employees for illustrating a commitment to quality.

2) Design a robust training program. Outstanding quality management begins with a well-designed training initiative. Workers should be introduced to the significance of quality management during their initial employee training. Additionally, adherence to quality standards should be stressed during ongoing training and whenever new processes or procedures are introduced.

3) Develop a detailed quality inspection program. The quality inspection phase of the manufacturing process is critical to ensuring accurate product design. It is often a manufacturer’s last chance to catch any design flaws prior to product shipment, so a thorough inspection process is imperative.

4) Ensure that equipment is regularly maintained. Equipment maintenance is vital to ensuring accurate product design and employee safety. Failure to focus on preventive maintenance can result in the manufacture of flawed plastic parts and, ultimately, device failure.

5) Schedule periodic internal audits. Internal audits are an excellent way to assess supply chain efficiency and adherence to regulatory standards. Internal audits can also help improve customer satisfaction and can help parts manufacturers prepare for external safety and compliance evaluations.

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