Advantages of Injection Molding


Injection molding is one of the most common manufacturing processes worldwide. A quick inventory of the items in your home or business will uncover dozens of parts and products that were injection molded. If the process and products are this prevalent there must be a host of advantages to injection molding, right?

These advantages include:

  • Color and material flexibility Once the tool is created you have complete control over the material and color of the part you’re producing. You can easily change colors or alter the material to meet your specific needs.
  • Low labor costs An automatic tool runs on a molding machine with little labor investment. You can easily create the parts you need with little to no labor costs on top of the production costs.
  • Fast production The process is fast! The specific production rate depends on the number of impressions in the tool but you can easily create a high volume of parts per hour.
  • Low waste Because most plastics are recyclable the injection molding process creates little to no waste. All of the waste left over from the process is ground up and then recycled for future use.
  • Design flexibility Injection molded parts have a nearly limitless flexibility. As long as you stay within certain design guidelines you have complete control over the process and the product.
  • Minimal finishing work Injection molded products require little to no finishing work once the process is complete. This speeds up manufacturing time and impacts the overall production rate.

Injection molding allows companies the flexibility and freedom to create the exact product they desire. You can rest assured that the process will provide you design flexibility, low costs, and speedy production.

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