Early Production Inspection – The Key to High Quality Manufacturing


Businesses considering expansion or business operations that include manufacturing should know the importance of quality control. Most do- but many may be left asking, “can I afford these quality processes?” and “is that going to hurt our production schedules?”

The best way to ensure high quality manufacturing is to partake in early production inspection. Production inspection usually involves random checks at a manufacturing site in order to ensure that products are meeting specifications, but there are multiple forms of production inspection. There’s initial inspection, which ensures that products can actually be produced, during production inspection, which is checking the product during inspection, and finally, pre-shipment inspection, where products are inspected just prior to shipping.

Early production inspection falls under “during production inspection”, or DuPro. Early DuPro allows businesses and manufacturers to catch potential problems and defects before they become larger issues. Manufacturing defects can have a major impact on sales and the business’ image to the consumers. Not all defects are something innocuous, either- some defects can actually be dangerous, such as the mass issue with hoverboards that’re causing them to be recalled. The source of this issue? They explode, though this problem has only arisen months down the line.

No matter the business, quality manufacturing is more important than ever to ensure a stable, reliable product. Due to the power of social media and the Internet, the world will know very quickly if a product is defective, and this kind of negative PR can be nearly impossible to brush away.

The Internet isn’t just an advertising platform- it’s a people-driven news platform, and as soon as they hear that your business produces broken, defective products, they are not going to want to buy from you. To prevent this, do what’s necessary to ensure quality manufacturing. Early production inspection is one of many methods of preventing a disaster like this happening to you or your business. To learn more about manufacturing, consider reading our blog, or contacting us if you’re interested in dealing with a company where quality is job one.

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