Manufacturing Cost Savings with Metal to Plastic Conversion

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When it comes to cutting production cost in the manufacturing industry, one of the best ways to do this is to convert from metal to plastic. Some companies fear this switch will cut quality along with cost, but when using top of the line plastic injection technology, such as what Proto Plastics offers, this simply is not the case. With the right plastic, the production process is streamlined and saves money in a variety of ways.

Plastic is Just as Durable

The main concern manufacturers are often faced with is a drop in quality from metal to plastic. This, however, is generally not the case. Metal, even galvanized metal, can and often does rust when exposed to natural elements. When connecting, moving parts are metal, it can wear down the elements, causing friction and even corrosion. In the auto and plumbing industries, when two different kinds of metal come in contact with one another, it usually leads to a break down in the metal. Plastic, on the other hand, doesn’t experience this kind of problem. There are different variations of plastic, designed to protect anything from dangerous chemicals to food products. Nearly every industry relies on plastic production in some shape or form. This is why taking a closer look at metal to plastic conversion is a must.

Saving Money Across the Board

The metal to plastic conversion saves manufacturers across the board. First, plastic is less expensive to produce, which in turn drastically reduces production cost immediately. Plastic is easier to work with, allowing plastic injection molding to offer faster results. This way, a company can increase production in the same period of time. Should the company not need to increase production, the process simply finishes faster, which cuts the cost of running a manufacturing plant.

After production has finished, the metal to plastic conversion continues to save a company money. As plastic is lighter, shipping costs drop, so whether sending the final product domestic or international, a drop in weight results in a drop in shipping costs, saving the company further. Plastic saves a company money across the board and in nearly every possible category.

There are many advantages of making the switch from metal to plastic. Without a loss in durability, plastic can slash cost for a company, which in turn improves the bottom line and allows the business to reinvest the money back into the company.

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