Injection Molding Demands Great Prints and 3D Models

3D-printer-CAD-softwarePlastic injection molding is an exceptional means for manufacturing companies looking to produce a large number of identical objects in a short period of time. Every industry from automotive to consumer electronics take advantage of the productive quality of injection molding. However, the quality of the final product is directly connected to the quality of the original 3D model. Any error in the model becomes replicated in every single print. That is why companies such as Proto Plastics works with manufacturing firms to make sure both prints and 3D models are of the highest quality.

The original model for the eventual injection mold is designed using a computer aided design (CAD) software. The software makes it possible to see, edit and construct every millimeter of the model. Some companies are not accustomed to using such software, which may lead to mistakes. Other times, a designer may simply miss something and, unless the heads of a company have design experience, they may not see the error(s) either. That is why having a quality injection molding firm with the knowledge and experience required to look over the computer design and make sure everything is solid is a must. Proto Plastics is able to do just this.

By looking over the original 3D computer design, the injection molding company can save the manufacturer both time and money. Once the 3D design is approved, a mold is produced. Every eventual reproduction comes directly from this mold. Any error in the mold comes out in the finished products, so even when the 3D design is approved, the mold goes through a similar level of scrutiny to ensure everything is good to go.

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With the approval of the 3D mold, the plastic injection process can begin. Again, a single product is produced and inspected. As long as everything checks out with the first sampled plastic part, it is possible to expand production and start producing a large number of the finalized products.

Plastic injection technology allows business owners to cut down on their bottom line as plastic is inexpensive and the production technique can result in thousands of finalized products every hour. As long as both prints and 3D models check out, all subsequent items produced with the mold will come out with an identical quality. For manufacturers and engineers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, they need to look towards the professionals at Proto Plastics.

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