Mechatronics and Plastic Injection Molding

What Is Mechatronics and Where Did It Come From?

Sometimes a new idea requires a new word. The word “mechatronics” was coined about 50 years ago by Tetsuro Mori, an engineer in Japan. He combined the words mechanics and electronics to come up with mechatronics.

His company, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, then trademarked the word. But a little later, they gave up their trademark and put the new word into the public domain. Since then, mechatronics has gone around the world.

Modern Mechatronics is Multi-Disciplinary

Mechatronics became a word about the same time that the first pocket calculator became available or the first email traveled between two computers. A lot has changed since then!

Mechatronics is now so well-recognized that several universities grant degrees in it, and the modern field includes more than the original two types of engineering.

Not Your Father’s Manufacturing!

Modern manufacturing definitely includes mechatronics, making this an exciting time to work in the industry. Operators in factories are now using mechatronics to control robots, among other things. Modern manufacturing companies offer interesting and challenging work, with room to learn more and develop into the future.

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