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Workforce Supply Tool Supports Dayton, OH Manufacturing

Where Are the Workers That You Need?

Do you have trouble finding workers for your company?

Now there’s help knowing where to look. The Workforce Supply Tool supports businesses by connecting them to potential workers in Ohio, by region. This tool is a resource of the Ohio Means Jobs website, and it has data from technical centers, community colleges, and universities in the state.

It’s still early days for the program, and there are about 25 occupations listed so far. But the goal is 200!

Select an occupation and you’ll get a description of the job, regional labor statistics, names of institutions with training programs, the total number graduates for the past few years, and unemployment claim statistics.

Expand the Possibilities for Connecting with Workers

For example, if you select “computer-controlled machine tool operators, metal and plastic,” you get one institution in western Ohio: Sinclair Community College.

But if you check all the other regions, you’ll find Northwest Community College and Auburn Career Center. Now you have 3 times the opportunities to do research, develop relationships, and make more potential talent aware of your company’s hiring needs.

You never know! The right recruit might be willing to relocate for the right job.

Your company has a lot to offer, and there are trained people willing and able to work for you. You just need to find each other, and the Workforce Supply Tool is another way to help make that happen.

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