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New Skills for Youth and Dayton, OH Manufacturing

Ohio Receives $2 million from JP Morgan Chase & Co.

In more good news for Dayton, OH manufacturing, Ohio recently won a $2 million grant from JP Morgan Chase & Co. as part of the company’s New Skills For Youth initiative. This is a 5-year, $75 million investment in preparing students to work. The program aims to provide better opportunities for youth by aligning their education with the job skills that real-world employers are searching for.

In the words of JPMorgan Chase & Co.:

We are investing in high-quality career-focused education programs so that more young people have a shot at real economic opportunity.

Ohio’s Successful Grant Application

Ohio is one of ten states to receive a grant, which is actually the second phase of the program. Previously, 24 states plus the District of Columbia received $100,000 each for the initial development phase, but only 10 of them received a grant for the second phase. As one of Ohio’s largest employers, JPMorgan Chase was happy to see that Ohio’s phase two application was so strong.

How Will The Money Be Used?

The money will help fund the development of a statewide strategy to ensure that students are ready to work after finishing school. Both the Governor’s office and the State Department of Education are working on aligning education with career readiness.

You can read the entire New Initiatives For Youth press release at the Ohio Department of Education’s website. By the way, the site also answers the question “How do I get my GED?” in the navigation bar at the top of the site.

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