Tooling Tips for Perfect Plastic Parts

Molding is critical if you want to achieve a part that is to precision. Accuracy is of the essence in this case, and much of the investment in the manufacturing process goes into the aspect of building the tool. So, if you wish to produce a large number of parts that are to precision, tooling becomes complicated and here are tips to help you acquire perfection.

Proper cooling

It is important to maintain consistent temperature throughout the molding process, which minimizes warping and shrinkage. That promotes quality, and you need an appropriate cooling system to realize this because cooling is the epitome of best end results in this process.

Running samples

Rather than reworking a mold cavity which is time-consuming and costly as well, it is important to have samples, which you can use to run a test. With such samples, it is easy to identify any adjustments you need to make to the current mold, and identification of the flow rate, temperature and resin type ceases to become a challenge. Re-sampling the parts by the standards of the client is also possible if there are quality issues.

Verifying shrinkage properties

Plastic tends to shrink as it cools and even when you take it off the mold. Warping is also possible if there are challenges with gate location, venting, pressure, flow rate or temperature. The design engineer, therefore, creates cavities that are slightly larger than the finished product and in this case, it is important to ensure that these holes accommodate the shrinkage. Call us now for more details.

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