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Overmolding is Versatile for All Industries

Overmolding is used in a variety of industries including auto, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications and medical devices. The process entails the molding of plastic over another material making it into one part. The process is usually used to make the final product stronger as well as to protect it. The process is good for products that require tight specifications. The end result is that overmolding makes a versatile product for all industries.

Versatility to Products

Overmolding adds so much versatility to many products. It can add a soft or hard surface to the product giving it a unique texture, which can also be colorized. With plastics there is a greater variety of colors available than some other materials.

A good example of using overmolding in the medical field is for an instrument, which makes it easier to hold during procedures. An emergency device may be colored red to help technicians find it quicker.

Advantages of Overmolding

The use of overmolding for your product creates many advantages. Since you are combining two processes into one there is the advantage of saving money and production time. The final product comes out into one molded piece. Another advantage of overmolding is to produce a stronger product making it last longer, because it is protected.

Combination of multiple functions into one device is something that is needed in certain industries like medical. An instrument or device for the medical field might require a soft touch, tight tolerances, color coded and be capable of being sterilized. These multi-function instruments are needed depending on the industry.

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