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Pad Printing: High Quality Graphics, Just for You!

At Proto Plastics, we are able to meet your need for high-quality graphic image applications. Our two Teca Print, pad printing machines can turn out color graphic applications in one, two, or three colors, and our in-house cliché maker allows us to prepare your custom image for printing within 24 hours!

Pad printing is a relatively unknown process, yet is widely used on objects we interact with daily. Our machines use a silicone pad to transfer ink from the etching of your image — the cliché — to the item being printed on. This process is increasing in popularity, especially in the industrial arena. It allows for higher quality graphics, as compared to similar printing processes, but the real draw of pad printing is its versatility.

Pad printing allows for printing on nearly ANY surface, including: plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal, as well as aluminum, paper, and lacquer coated surfaces. Even more impressive is its ability to print on objects of ANY shape, no matter how unusual they might be. Despite the assumption that this type of challenging work would be more time-consuming, it can actually turn out precision pieces at a very reasonable pace, so that you can have your items ready on schedule.

Let Proto Plastics, your trusted, full-service, plastics manufacturer meet your graphic printing needs, as well, with our high quality pad printing process. We specialize in your technically demanding, close tolerance parts, and regularly supply businesses across a variety of industries. Contact us, and let us create the perfect part for you!

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