Could Plastic Ovaries Help Restore Fertility In The Near Future?

Fertility problems plague millions of women around the world. These concerns can be heartbreaking because they deny women the right to create life. However, a new breakthrough in plastic manufacturing and 3D printing suggests there may be help in the future.

The Nature Of This Breakthrough

In a recent study on 3D printing, which utilizes plastic and other materials to create new objects, a pair of artificially-printed ovaries were successfully transplanted into mice. The ovaries were not only accepted by the bodies of the mice but were capable of bearing children. The scientists who made this discovery were stunned by the potential implications it offered women around the world.

How It Could Benefit You

While the mechanization of fertility might seem like science fiction, it appears to be a reality. The success of this process opens the door for dozens of possible artificial ovary processes, from 3D printing all the way up to mainstream plastic manufacturing. For women who have fertility problems, this could be a major benefit.

For example, it could provide them with an inexpensive and easy-to-insert artificial ovary that would provide them with the ability to conceive and give birth. Even more importantly, it could open the way for other forms of artificial fertility treatments, such as replacing damaged tissue with plastic or 3D printed versions.

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