The Future of Dayton, OH Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an essential industry in the economy today. Although manufacturing jobs in the United States have decreased over the years, a lot of areas are starting to see growth again. One of the areas that is developing a strong manufacturing base is Dayton, Ohio. Over the years, this is a town that built its identity around manufacturing. Here are some of the exciting developments in this industry recently.

New Jobs

One of the best things for the people of Dayton is the new jobs in the industry that are available. A lot of people in Dayton are willing to work hard in this industry if the jobs are there. Dayton recently had several hundred jobs come into the area. Not only will this help build the growth of manufacturing in the city, but it also provides additional income for people who live in the area.


One of the most important variables in any industry is the tax rate. In Dayton, the city leaders have made a concerted effort to decrease the overall tax rate in the manufacturing industry to encourage growth in the industry. It is safe to say that these efforts paid off with some of the new jobs moving in. The people in Dayton get excited about these changes, and city leaders feel like this is an investment worth making in the economy.

Future Growth

The coming years have a lot of promise for manufacturing in Dayton. Over time, this is an industry that has to thrive if the city is going to do well. With the recent influx of jobs, many young people get excited about working in the field again. Things are better than they were in 2008 when many jobs left the city. Our company does a lot of great work in this industry in Dayton.

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