Plastic Parts Tooling

Our in-house tool design and building facility is staffed with highly experienced tooling engineers, injection mold makers, and machining technicians. We’ll work closely with you to evaluate options and modify part designs to make precision injection molds that produce both functional and economically moldable finished parts. We guarantee all molds we build or source for the life of your program.

Tooling Options & Capabilities

Injection molding tools are available in single, family and multi-cavity mold configurations. To reduce costs and lead time, in many cases only the cavity and core portions of the mold need to be machined. These are then used with one of a large variety of proprietary based MUD frames kept in inventory.
Our in-house tooling capabilities also include: modification and repair of existing molds, ongoing preventative mold maintenance, fixture building, and reverse engineering. We are also able to convert existing metal components into high performance plastic parts through reverse engineering.

From quick-turn aluminum molds for prototypes and short runs to robust steel tools for high volume production, we design and build the exact tooling that will meet all your requirements. Whatever your application, Proto Plastics will bring quality, integrity and over four decades of experience to serve your injection molding tool design, construction and maintenance needs.

We also outsource tooling construction to a number of pre-qualified domestic and offshore mold-making partners. If you already have existing plastic injection molding tools, you can leverage that investment by letting us run it in production for you.