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4 Useful Tips to Help You Source High Quality Plastic Parts in the USA

There is no substitute for high quality plastic parts that are made in America. In addition to their strong superb focus on quality and precision, top American-based plastic injection molders and manufacturers offer proximity and pristine manufacturing conditions. But not all plastics companies are created equal. It is up to you as a business owner or purchasing manager to ensure that you select a top-notch supplier. So here are four tips to help you source quality parts in the USA.

1) Schedule an onsite visit

Scheduling an onsite visit to a plastic fabrication company is the single best way to confirm that you are choosing a supplier that manufactures high quality plastic parts in the United States. Companies which outsource their manufacturing or injection molding to an overseas factory will be unable to hide the fact that they do not handle their own manufacturing. They will have little machinery or manufacturing equipment on hand and very little inventory on hand. Quality-minded manufacturers, on the other hand, will feature the following:

  • Plastic injection molding machines and other types of machinery used to make plastic parts
  • An impressive onsite inventory of parts, signifying the company manufactures parts onsite
  • A team of professional technicians who are hard at work fabricating plastic parts when you arrive

2) Ask for photos and videos

If you’re unable to personally visit a plastic parts supplier, then ask for photos and videos of their manufacturing process. Any established American company should be able to provide these immediately. Never risk working with a company which refuses to show you images of their manufacturing process or quality control procedures. Additionally, request photos of the facility’s exterior and street number; this way you can confirm the facility’s location in the USA.

3) Request a certificate of origin

Another effective way to verify a company’s presence in the USA is to ask for a Certificate of Origin (COO). A COO is an official document which references where the company’s plastic components are actually manufactured. Ask that the certificate be signed by a company official and stamped by the local Chamber of Commerce. If a company refuses to provide you with official written verification of the country where their plastic components are made, then there is a good likelihood that they are either unresponsive or are outsourcing their manufacturing to an overseas company. Either way, you should take your business elsewhere if you are looking for quality American-made parts.

4) Check references

Even if you confirm that a company is truly USA-based and dedicated to onsite manufacturing of plastic components, you should always request references and check them thoroughly. A past or existing customer can often verify a manufacturer’s location and confirm that they consistently provide five-star plastic components and service. Be sure to ask if the company was able to meet fast delivery deadlines and handle custom requests quickly; this is often indicative of a quality-minded USA-based company.

The Bottom Line

Quality manufacturing is the cornerstone of well-made plastic parts. We invite you to contact us at Proto Plastics to schedule a visit to our Tipp City, Ohio manufacturing facility. During your visit to our plant, we will introduce you to our state-of-the-art plastic injection molding equipment and our comprehensive quality control process.

When you see our plant operations, you will see why the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce recognized us as Business of the Year. If you are unable to make time for a live visit, we’ll certainly be happy to provide you with photos and videos of our manufacturing process. We look forward to serving as your trusted manufacturer of plastic parts!

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