The Importance of Injection Molding in the Medical Field

While most commonly associated with manufacturing and automotive, injection molding is also heavily used within the medical field.

Now, injection molding in the medical community is highly regulated and specific requirements are much more critical than in any other professional. With different kinds of plastics available, the wrong plastic used or any imperfections in the plastic alone can cause serious medical emergencies later on down the line. When properly utilized and produced though, injection molding can assist in the medical community in ways many other products and manufacturing lines simply cannot.

What to Look for in Medical Plastic Injection Molding Services

The strict requirements behind medical equipment is a must, otherwise people’s lives are at stake. A quality injection molding service provider can help a business cut down on production risk while also ensuring all FDA requirements are met. These FDA requirements not only include the final product, but the state of the production facility and machinery. Due to this, not all not all production facilities are able to produce medical grade equipment. Manufacturing plants are climate controlled environments where every aspect of the building is looked over, down to the finest detail. The molding services for the medical field is not just about the manufacturing plant though. It also includes the supplier of plastics. These suppliers receive additional auditing and routine assessments to ensure the highest quality plastics are used, free of imperfections. All of this is put together in order to create the highest level of medical products.

What Medical Plastic Injection Molding Products Are Made?

The number of medical products with a plastic injection origin seem to grow by the day.

Surgical blades, tubes, housings and needles represented the majority of plastic molding material just a few years ago. However, these products expanded drastically as the quality of plastic molding has increased. Now, medical injection molding includes products such as implants, stents, sutures, and even larger, more complicated items requiring assembly on location.

Plastic now is an extremely desirable material to be used inside of the human body as it does not become corroded like metals, it is lighter weight, and the body is more likely to accept plastic over most other materials. With the proper production process, plastic implants should last a lifetime. This is why finding the right plastic molding service is an essential part in creating quality products.

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