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What is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic welding is a common industrial technique for binding plastics, using high-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations at a frequency of 15 to 70 kHz to the parts being welded together. The vibrations create a solid-state weld to the pieces that are being held together by pressure. The great benefit of ultrasonic welding is that, unlike traditional welding techniques, there is no requirement for soldering materials, connecting nuts and bolts, or adhesives.

Ultrasonic welding has a variety of applications such as plastic-to-plastic joints, installation of windows and lenses into housing, and insertion of mechanical fasteners, studs, and threaded inserts into plastic injection molded parts. Is your product a viable candidate for ultrasonic welding? If so, there are many benefits to using this welding technique as opposed to traditional welding:

  • Cold welding tools. Since this technique utilizes ultrasonic vibrations, there is no waiting time for machines to warm up or heating of the goods that are being worked on.
  • Water-tight welds. Ultrasonic welds are great for sealing, such as in packaging, because the welds themselves are air and water-tight.
  • Environmentally friendly. The use of an ultrasonic welder consumes less energy than a traditional weld, and there is no waste from solvents or fillers

If you have any questions about ultrasonic welding, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Proto Plastics! We have ten Branson ultrasonic welders ready to tackle your project, and our experienced tooling design engineers can help you get started. Let us help you save time and money throughout the development process while delivering superior product. Whether you have new product idea, need to alter an existing part, or even reverse-engineer a metal part to plastic, let us share our expertise with you.

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