University of Dayton in Downtown Arcade

Will The Dayton Arcade Be Renovated?

Pending funding, the historic downtown Dayton Arcade will be renovated instead of demolished. Plans include a large space for the University of Dayton (UD) to have a “Creative and Innovation Center” where the university can connect with startups and established businesses.

The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) also runs Fastlane, Dayton’s Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP). Because of Fastlane’s experience in helping small and medium businesses get on the fastlane to success, hopes are high for the Arcade project to achieve full funding and move forward.

Renovation Could Stimulate Innovation

Renovation costs are over $70 million, versus a price tag of at least $10 million for demolition. But consider the results: a renovated building including a vibrant creative center, or an empty lot? Which will cost Dayton more in the end? (Also, developers currently have over $50 million of the necessary funds for the project).

In 2007, Ohio had nearly a million manufacturing jobs, and there are signs that we are recouping some of those jobs. But the intervening decade has also brought enormous changes in the world of business. A combination of new ideas, research expertise, and solid experience at the Dayton Arcade could contribute to the restoration we are looking for in manufacturing.

Stay Tuned and Find Out

Summer 2017 is the target for closing the deal on renovating the Dayton Arcade. Success will bring a place to generate new ideas for businesses of all types.

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