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The Ceaseless Importance of Continuous Improvement

We like how everywhere you look in the news world, there are different formulas for managers to follow. While some management techniques from the past still apply in the IoT world, others do not. The whole apple cart of managing people has turned on its head in the consumer-driven environment. Companies that were long-established in […] ... More

The Trend of Biomedical Device Manufacturing

There are a lot of exciting growth drivers behind the manufacturing industry. The medical industry is turning more and more to manufacturing companies to produce products to improve human health. There are a wide range of mechanized medical devices today that keep people alive. This is an exciting trend in the industry, and manufacturing companies ... More
What Makes Quality Management Work? | Proto Plastics

The Importance of Quality Management in Plastics

Any manufacturing company knows about quality management and its importance in a business. Lower quality means a lower price in the market. For companies based in the United States, quality is more important than ever. Competing for the lowest cost on the product is not a winning formula. Customers go overseas for suppliers if they want […] ... More