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The Trend of Biomedical Device Manufacturing

There are a lot of exciting growth drivers behind the manufacturing industry. The medical industry is turning more and more to manufacturing companies to produce products to improve human health. There are a wide range of mechanized medical devices today that keep people alive. This is an exciting trend in the industry, and manufacturing companies ... More
What Makes Quality Management Work? | Proto Plastics

The Importance of Quality Management in Plastics

Any manufacturing company knows about quality management and its importance in a business. Lower quality means a lower price in the market. For companies based in the United States, quality is more important than ever. Competing for the lowest cost on the product is not a winning formula. Customers go overseas for suppliers if they want […] ... More

The Future of Dayton, OH Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an essential industry in the economy today. Although manufacturing jobs in the United States have decreased over the years, a lot of areas are starting to see growth again. One of the areas that is developing a strong manufacturing base is Dayton, Ohio. Over the years, this is a town that built its […] ... More