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Injection Molding Quality Control

No matter what the manufacturing process, there is always a quality control set in place to make sure inferior product are not released into general circulation, nor are inferior products sent back to the buyer.  When it comes to injection molding, there are several different tests and control points positioned throughout the manufacturing process ... More

Dangers of Injection Molding

No matter what sort of manufacturing process is used, there is always some sort of a danger associated to it. Plastic injection molding is no different. The dangers of injection molding are real and can affect the quality of the product and those who interact with it. However, all of these dangers can be avoided […] ... More

Injection Molding in Dayton, Ohio

Proto Plastics, and injection molding in the Dayton Ohio region is available to help companies all around I-75 and the rest of west central Ohio and Indiana. Of course, the company also provides injection services to other product manufacturing outfits throughout a 4 state region, stretching down past Cincinnati and up into Michigan and the metro ... More

5 Facts About Manufacturing Quality Audits

Any company in the manufacturing business needs to provide periodic quality audits to make sure the business is running as smoothly as possible. No matter what the company produces, there is always competition, so being able to stay financially strong against the competition remains one of the most important tasks of any business. There are [&helli ... More