The Lean Manufacturing Process In Custom Injection Molding

Injection molding is all about providing an easy to use, quick response for manufacturing problems. It is possible to mass produce a large quantities of items through this molding method, regardless of if it is plastic or metal. However, there are always ways to improve the custom injection molding process, and this is done through the lean manufacturing method. The lean method is designed to reduce setup times, cut down the cost of operation and to make a workspace more visually attractive. By improving these different methods, it makes it easier to produce what is needed and it can also raise the morale of employees as they like to work in a clean environment.


The lean manufacturing process begins and ends with the sorting. Having all of the necessary plastics and materials obviously sorted out and marked makes it easy to switch materials during the manufacturing and production process. With this in mind, it is going to simplify the process of having a product produced and reaching the set goal for production.


Injection molding is not supposed to be a complicated process. While it does use state of the art equipment, the material is straight forward. Simplifying the way the production runs helps boost production in total, which also helps cut down the cost of both running the business and the cost a buyer needs to put out in order to obtain the finished work order.


Standardizing the production practice is very important. Every single workstation needs to have common rules that everyone is able to follow. This helps improve safety and it also makes it possible for all employees, no matter the shift they are working, to easily move in and out of their stations while working with other employees they might not normally work with. There needs to be a set of requirements at the beginning and ending of a shift so the following shift can come in and work on the station without a problem and not be forced to search for a particular tool or equipment.

By following through with these different methods of implementing a lean manufacturing process, it is possible to save time and money on a custom injection molding manufacturing service provider.

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