Injection Molding in Dayton, Ohio

Proto Plastics, and injection molding in the Dayton Ohio region is available to help companies all around I-75 and the rest of west central Ohio and Indiana. Of course, the company also provides injection services to other product manufacturing outfits throughout a 4 state region, stretching down past Cincinnati and up into Michigan and the metro Detroit area. For any company looking to take advantage of the injection molding services found in Dayton, Ohio, it is important to also understand the different kinds of plastic out there and how each is able to be used during the production process.


This plastic is known by the two different names, yet it is one of the most used forms of plastic. Most food grade products that come in plastic containers use PET/PETE. This includes soda bottles, water bottles, cooking oil bottles and really anything else that is designed to be used once and then discarded. It is also one of the most recycled plastics, which makes it such a desirable option for any company that works in the food manufacturing business.


Short for high density polyethylene, this is a form of plastic that also is food safe but it is used more to protect what is inside of the plastic. Milk jugs and yogurt tubs are made from this plastic in order to help reduce some of the light that passes in. Harder materials such as hard hacks and backpack frames are constructed form this form of plastic as well.


Polyvinyl chloride is one of the more common forms of plastic used in injection molding for furniture and housing needs. Most plumbing pipes are now made out of PVC instead of metal. It does have some food storage capabilities though as saran wrap is made from PVC as well.


This is low density polyethylene, which is on the opposite end of the HDPE spectrum. It is a lighter plastic that is not food grade but is instead used more as a bag for carrying items. Grocery bags, cleaning bags and trash bags are made from LDPE.


Short for polypropylene, this is a sturdy plastic used to store food. Bottle caps and drinking stars are made of of this form of plastic, as are most refrigerator and microwave safe containers as well.


Polystyrene is used in to-go containers, like the “clam shell” options given out at restaurants. Drinking cups and packing peanuts are also made from it.

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